21st Century Ayurveda


Dr. Palep’s House of Health is built on strong innovative research foundation suitable for twenty first century health needs. Preventive health care is the core strength of Ayurveda. It is heritage science with thousands of years of conceptual and experiential wisdom. Sadvritta (Ethical and moral life styles) coupled with swastha vritta (code of conduct for healthy living) along with powerful herbal rasayanas ensure positive health and promote a happy disease free life.

Ayurveda, therefore is poised to make great strides and take quantum jump in the health care needs of the world in near future. Ayurveda has a very advanced conceptual base in comparison to conventional medicine that is practised currently. Through our research efforts in Ayurveda over more than three decades at Dr. Palep’s Medical Research Foundation, we have arrived at a conclusion that Ayurvedic concepts encompass the advanced molecular biological mechanisms. Under the stewardship of Dr.Palep Hanmanthrao the foundation has decoded the language of this ancient science in to current science terminology. Book, “Scientific foundation of Ayurveda” authored by Dr. Palep H.S. is a testimony for it.


Shankhpushpi Capsules For Memory Enhancement

Shankhpushpi capsules for memory enhancement are made of medicinal herbs and have been in use for centuries. Ayurvedic medicine has associated the beneficial effects of Shankhpushpi with improving concentration and intellect. The benefits of this medicine include improved concentration and better mental abilities. It also helps to improve memory and protect the body from diseases. […]

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Safed Musli For Stamina

Safed Musli for stamina is one of the new products in ayurvedic medicine that focuses on the multiple benefits of the herb. Ayurvedic medicine, which dates back centuries ago in India and Pakistan, concerns itself with the use of herbs and botanicals to promote wellness and treat disease. The word Ayurveda means the art or […]

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Neem Capsules For Skin Infection – Why It Is A Good Option?

Neem Capsules for skin infection is prepared from the roots of the formidable tree named ‘Nemesis’. It is considered a legendary medicinal plant that has been used by the Indians of India and other parts of Asia for ages. Ayurvedic medicine bases its healing concepts on the efficacy of the new leaves. The neem leaves […]

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Memory Enhancing Brahmi – Drink a Supplement That Helps You Remember Better

Memory enhancing Brahmi has been used since ancient times in Ayurvedic medicine for memory-enhancing properties. There are various brands of Brahmi products available in the market, and they come with different advantages. But whatever may be the brand you may use, remember to consult your Ayurvedic physician before using any of them. As they contain […]

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What Is Katuki For Liver Detoxifying?

Katuki for liver detoxifying has become a popular product Since the early 1990s among people who want to cleanse their bodies of toxins and other harmful elements.  The herbal ingredients cleanse the liver and other major organs in the body, preventing the buildup of toxins, bacteria, viruses, and free radicals. This herbal cleansing treatment works […]

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