21st Century Ayurveda


Dr. Palep’s House of Health is built on strong innovative research foundation suitable for twenty first century health needs. Preventive health care is the core strength of Ayurveda. It is heritage science with thousands of years of conceptual and experiential wisdom. Sadvritta (Ethical and moral life styles) coupled with swastha vritta (code of conduct for healthy living) along with powerful herbal rasayanas ensure positive health and promote a happy disease free life.

Ayurveda, therefore is poised to make great strides and take quantum jump in the health care needs of the world in near future. Ayurveda has a very advanced conceptual base in comparison to conventional medicine that is practised currently. Through our research efforts in Ayurveda over more than three decades at Dr. Palep’s Medical Research Foundation, we have arrived at a conclusion that Ayurvedic concepts encompass the advanced molecular biological mechanisms. Under the stewardship of Dr.Palep Hanmanthrao the foundation has decoded the language of this ancient science in to current science terminology. Book, “Scientific foundation of Ayurveda” authored by Dr. Palep H.S. is a testimony for it.


How an Ayurvedic Papaya Leaf Capsule Benefits You

Ayurvedic Papaya leaf capsule is taken as a supplement in the traditional form of powder or capsules. In India, the product is prepared by pulverizing the leaf and grinding it until the powder can be refined. The result is a herbal medicine that has very few components and is therefore easily made. It is also […]

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How to Buy Ayurvedic Moringa Leaf Capsules?

Ayurvedic moringa leaf capsules, the ancient Indian medicine, have provided relief to many patients suffering from different health conditions. Ayurveda is a form of alternative drugs which originates from India. This medicine’s main ingredients include Various kinds of herbs and spices such as basil, cumin, cardamom, dill, mint, ginger, parsley, Rthus, thuja, turmeric, jasmine, and […]

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Ayurvedic methi seed obesity – Treats all types of weight problems

Ayurvedic methi seed treats obesity and all types of weight problems as it is considered a disease. Ayurvedic treatment’s key aim is to balance the energy (ayurvedic medicine) in the body to maintain average body weight or avoid obesity and all the problems that come with it. Obesity is the most pressing health problem faced […]

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Ayurvedic Guggul For Joint Pain – A Natural Alternative to Traditional Medication

Ayurvedic Guggul for Joint Pain is one of the herbal remedies that can be prepared for those who suffer from it. The product is prepared using a combination of herbs and other natural substances which have a soothing effect on the body. Guggul has a combination of different herbs that work together to treat the […]

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Ashwagandha capsule For Energy Boosting

Ashwagandha capsule for energy-boosting is a popular ayurvedic medicine product used to treat a wide range of conditions. It is used to improve vitality, stamina, sexual drive, and overall health.  There are several reasons why a product like this one is used as medicine. These reasons are primarily due to the natural compounds that it […]

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