21st Century Ayurveda


Dr. Palep’s House of Health is built on strong innovative research foundation suitable for twenty first century health needs. Preventive health care is the core strength of Ayurveda. It is heritage science with thousands of years of conceptual and experiential wisdom. Sadvritta (Ethical and moral life styles) coupled with swastha vritta (code of conduct for healthy living) along with powerful herbal rasayanas ensure positive health and promote a happy disease free life.

Ayurveda, therefore is poised to make great strides and take quantum jump in the health care needs of the world in near future. Ayurveda has a very advanced conceptual base in comparison to conventional medicine that is practised currently. Through our research efforts in Ayurveda over more than three decades at Dr. Palep’s Medical Research Foundation, we have arrived at a conclusion that Ayurvedic concepts encompass the advanced molecular biological mechanisms. Under the stewardship of Dr.Palep Hanmanthrao the foundation has decoded the language of this ancient science in to current science terminology. Book, “Scientific foundation of Ayurveda” authored by Dr. Palep H.S. is a testimony for it.


Anti-Aging Haritaki Capsules – What You Should Know About This Product

Anti-aging Haritaki capsules are a line of dietary supplements that have been manufactured in India. They are claimed to reverse the ageing process, and the claims are based on the traditional use of the plant called the Haritaki (oho-rah-TIK-ee) plant.  The Haritaki (Oshodi) plant is a member of the rosacea family, and it grows wild […]

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A good liver for a good life

We all know that the liver is the largest organ in our body. Being the largest it obviously comes with a lot of responsibilities and functions. While our organs do all they can for us to live a risk free and easy life, do we play our part by trying to the same for our […]

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Liver – Changing and Regrowing

If this past year has taught us all something , it is to be grateful for what we have , appreciate what we have , respect and take care of ourselves and our surroundings. Time and again we subject our body to various things , some harmful and some helpful , but our bodies never […]

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Ashwagandha for RLS

‘Restless leg syndrome’ is a neurological condition in which the person feels an uncontrollable urge to move their legs; it could be experienced due to an uncomfortable sensation. This is seen typically when the person is trying to sleep at nighttime, when they are sitting or lying down. This movement is done because it eases […]

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Ashwagandha: Indian Ginseng or Winter cherry

Traditionally known as ‘Ajagandha’ , ‘Amangura’ , ‘Amukkirag’ , ‘Asan’ in various parts of the country.   It is an evergreen shrub that grows in India and other regions of the middle east, and has been used since hundreds of years for its medicinal purposes. The name itself describes its orgin , Ashwagandha , because […]

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