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What our aim at HOUSE OF HEALTH IS ABOUT ?

House of Health division was initiated by Dr. H. S.Palep and Dr. Ashutosh H. Palep to bring to light some of the great qualities of natural products and how they benefit our health holistically. Nature has a tendency to heal people, which is why, it is everyones favourite cliche term ‘Mother Nature’.
The major requirement for an individual to perform everyday tasks and keep infections at bay is a healthy mind and body. Only if we take care of ourselves and provide our bodies with adequate nutrition can we have a well balanced life in all aspects. If Natural and herbal products are used well in advance as part of ones daily routine they can help eliminate the root cause of several health problems and their occurrence.
We strongly recommend the inculcation and adoption of such products at an early age in order to reap its full benefit. The popular saying “Prevention is better than cure” is indeed true and we can always try and be mindful of our steps and rely on the safer options whenever possible. 

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We take the highest standards of the manufacturing processes at our state of art Manufacturing Facility under the G.M.P certifications at our Addl. Ambernath MIDC facility using the highest quality of pure Extracts, Vegetarian Capsules and export quality packaging of highest standards.


Dr. Palep’s Medical Research Foundation was founded by Dr. Hanmanthrao S. Palep (eminent consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, and an Hon. Professor at Grant Medical College, Mumbai) and Dr. Ashutosh Palep (Modern Medicine Graduate (MBBS) from Govt. Medical College Miraj) in the year 1997.

About Dr. H.S. Palep

Dr. H. S. Palep is the only recognized teacher at the Mumbai University in both Modern Medicine and Ayurveda Faculties. Dr. Palep graduated in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from the renowned R. A. Podar Medical College (Ayurvedic), Mumbai.

Thereafter he completed MBBS and MD in Modern Obstetrics and Gynecology from the prestigious Grant Medical College, Mumbai. He is not only the pioneer of modern scientific researches in Ayurveda, but also a leading consultant obstetrician and gynecologist with a vast clinical and surgical experience. He is an innovative and skillful obstetrician, gynecological surgeon and infertility specialist of repute. He is currently the National Professor and visiting scientist to Haffkine Institute of Research & Testing, Parel, Mumbai. He is the founder chairman of Dr. Palep’s Medical Research Foundation Pvt. Ltd. and Dr. Palep’s Medical Education & Research Trust, Mumbai.

Dr. Palep has spent a major part of his career imparting knowledge both in India and abroad. Dr. Palep has held the post of Hon. Professor at Grant Medical College and Professor at R. A. Podar Medical College for more than two and half decades. He has been a teacher and examiner for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of Obst. & Gyn. in both Ayurveda and Modern Medicine at Mumbai University for over three decades. He is a pioneer of the integrative approach in medicine. He has also been instrumental in starting the first integrative medicine department at KJ Somaiya Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre in Mumbai. His zeal and vision led him to translate the language of Ayurveda into a modern scientific context, thus authoring a book titled, “Scientific Foundation of Ayurveda”.
In summer of 2007, he was chosen by the Ayush dept. of Government of India to conduct short training courses in Ayurveda for the medical students at prestigious US medical schools like Boston, Harvard and Johns Hopkins. This training program was jointly sponsored by AAPI (Association of American Physicians of Indian origin). Subsequently, in 2008 he was invited to lecture at a number of medicals schools in USA. His tireless research led to the discovery of Ayurvedic solutions to various ailments of stubborn nature that are in compliance with modern scientific parameters This has resulted in a number of highly popular standardized Ayurvedic formulations, Viz., Sujat, Torchnil, Pentaphyte and others, manufactured by Dr. Palep’s Medical Research Foundation Pvt. Ltd. , a research based organization, which he has been successfully heading since 1997. Dr Palep has presented and published many research papers in conferences, seminars and journals, both national and international. The medical research foundation has held more than hundred CMEs to educate modern medicine practitioners, specialists to spread the message of the scientific basis of Ayurveda. He also heads Dr. Palep's Priyank Maternity and Gynecological Hospital, which has full time dedicated services for maternity, gynecological and laparoscopic surgery and general surgery. Dr. Palep is also the chairman of Dr. Palep’s Medical Education & Research Trust, which has so far conducted twelve national level seminars under the title of Tadvidyasambhasha Ayurveda on different themes. He is also the founding member of Free Radical Society of India (SFR). He has also been associated with many prestigious medical institutions in different capacities, such as Jaslok Hospital & Research Center, C.U. Shah College of Pharmacy, SNDT University, Central Council of Research in Ayurveda & Siddha, Telugu University, Hyderabad, Haffkine’s Institute, Mumbai and Senate Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (M.U.H.S.), Nasik. He has also acted as a consultant for the Golden triangle initiative of AYUSH dept. GOI owith regards to menopause. Under his guidance, Dr. Palep’s Medical Education and Research trust has conducted Reorientation Training Programs (ROTP) to train teachers from the Ayurvedic colleges in the specialty of Obst. & Gyn. Selected from all over India, twice under the grant from Ayush dept. of GOI.


He has been the unstoppable drive behind the 20 year old brand ‘Dr.Palep’s Medical Research Foundation’. His zeal and passion have enabled the revival of this traditional Indian Science - ‘Ayurveda’- in its own country of origin. He has been responsible for the core activities of the organisation from conceptualization to its present day evolution where Dr.Palep’s Medical Research Foundation Pvt. Ltd. currently stands with its own Independent GMP certified Manufacturing plant at Ambernath. This establishment is equipped with facilities for manufacturing formulations and single extract based forms like Capsule, Tablet, Ointment, Cream and Syrup along with a sales force of more than 150 fully trained and qualified associates working with him towards the growth of Dr. Palep’s Medical Research Foundation Pvt. Ltd. He has put selflessly worked to initiate and widen the sales network Pan India for Dr.Palep’s Medical Research Foundation Pvt. Ltd.

It has been his vision and mission to make Dr. Palep’s Ayurveda and Research and Quality based Medicine and Nutraceuticals, a globally renowned brand to reckon with. This led him to create a new vertical under the holistic branding ‘Dr. Palep’s House of Health’ which would cater to the highest quality and standards of manufacturing of Health care and Lifestyle Extract based Ayurvedic Medicines and Nutraceutical products. The line of products under the House of Health Brand are designed to cater to every strata of the community ranging from Teenagers to Geriatrics at affordable, economical prices. This ensures that every age group can access the healing benefits of the House of Health collection. Dr. Ashutosh has plans to introduce a range of pure extract-based cosmetic products in the near future.
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What our aim at HOUSE OF HEALTH IS ABOUT ? House of Health division was initiated by Dr. H. S.Palep and Dr. Ashutosh H. Palep

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Health and Environment

The organisation takes pride in adhering to the highest norms of Safety, Health and Environment at all levlels at our manufacturing facility so as to not damage the environment.

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