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90 capsules / 500 mg per serving

About the product :
Brahmi has the ability to improve concentration and the quality of consciousness Additionally, it has been proven to increase alertness, clarity of mind and bone marrow function thus, improving both, the nervous and immune system.
Brahmi capsules improves the complexion of the skin and aids hair growth. It is one of the most popular ingredients used in Ayurveda due to diverse actions.Use of brahmi extract for kids aged between 6 to 8 years improves hand-eye coordination. It is also recommended for people suffering from seizures and those with Alzheimer’s.
It’s time to include Brahmi in your daily diet to cope with stress induced anxiety , fatigue , stomach issues and insomnia.

Main ingredients : Pure brahmi leaf extracts

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Aids hair growth, Enhances memory, Improves attentiveness, Improves the complexion of skin


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