GUGGUL – for muscular and joint pain.


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90 capsules / 500 mg per serving



Guggul is used for pain relief in joints and muscles. It also treats arthritis and reduces inflammation of the joints. It controls lipid metabolism and improves thyroid function. Guggul is useful in reducing high cholesterol levels. It prevents platelet aggregation and therefore useful in treating heart disease and strokes. The Guggul lipid stimulates the activity of white blood cells in the body, contributing to the fortification of the immune system.  It is also useful for weight reduction and maintenance.

Locally known as: Guggulu/Gugal

Active Constituents: Quinic Acid and Myo-Inositol

Dosage: One capsule twice a day after food or as directed by physician.

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It contributes to the build-up of the immune system, Joint and muscular pain, Reduces inflammation & pain, Weight control & Reduction


  • Reduces inflammation & pain of joints
  • Controls lipid metabolism
  • It contributes to the build-up of the immune system
  • Weight control & reduction